Board Meeting Tuesday (Sept. 25, 2018 @ 9 a.m.)

Tuesday’s meeting is a meeting of the directors, so BTCI members may observe,  but may not participate in the discussions.  However, BTCI members may sign up before the meeting to speak at Open Forum (click here for more info).

In addition to committee reports, President’s report, GM’s report, approval of past meeting minutes, and the August Treasurer’s report, there are the following agenda items (note – details for the items below are available on the official Bent Tree website, resident login required):

  • Old Business
    • Lake Green Belt Sale (second reading)
  • New Business
    • Delete “Quarry Park” from Pet Policy change of 8/28/18
    • New Fishing Limits – Lake Tamarack
    • Purchase of new signs for around the lake reflecting changes in the fishing rules
    • Changing of Proxy Language
    • Adoption of Guidelines for Nomination/Election Committee in Case of a Tie Vote
    • Budget Amendments

A Thin Vein of Marble

The photos below show a thin vein of marble on a bank in Bent Tree.  I had never noticed it until a couple of days ago when the sun was hitting it just right, and the white part caught my eye.  The chunks of marble looked like big teeth.  The second photo below, taken from a distance, gives an idea of the scale of things.

September 19, 2018 - vein of marble behind tree roots in Bent Tree

September 19, 2018 – vein of marble behind tree roots in Bent Tree

September 19, 2018 - thin vein of marble on bank

September 19, 2018 – thin vein of marble on bank

An Interesting Poll

A Bent Tree homeowner posted a poll on NextDoor to gauge interest in a subject the Board is considering…changing the time of Board Work Sessions to accommodate the schedules of those that work during the day.

If you’re interested in taking the poll, visit the Bent Tree NextDoor page (resident login required).  The following shows the options given in the informal poll:

2018 0918 poll

Note – the poll is unofficial, but is a good start


The First Topic for Discussion

The first Topic for Discussion for tomorrow morning’s Board Work Session is “BOARD MEETING DATE AND TIME CHANGE TO POSSIBLE NIGHT OR WEEKEND”.

To the best of my knowledge, the last time anything similar was officially brought up (about possible meeting time changes) was over 3½ years ago, on January 27, 2015.  At that time, a newly elected board member made a motion that the scheduled time for three monthly work sessions be changed from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. to give those that worked during the day the opportunity to attend.

The motion for the evening work sessions seemed to make sense.  Property owners can participate in the topic discussions at work sessions, but not at the regular board meetings.  Also, it was noted that staff would not necessarily need to attend the evening work sessions (as opposed to regular Board meetings where they give reports), so employee attendance would not be an issue.

Excerpt from the January 27, 2015 Board meeting minutes

Excerpt from the January 27, 2015 Board meeting minutes

The motion was seconded, but defeated by a vote with 2 in favor, 6 opposed.  The newly elected board member that made the motion resigned shortly thereafter, for reasons unknown to me.

“Impeccable 4BR/4.5BA on DBL lot w/seasonal mtn. Views!”

976 Fairway Drive in Bent Tree just hit the market with an asking price of $525,000.  Click here to link to the listing info, or click the listing photo below to link to a virtual tour.

976 Fairway Drive in Bent Tree (listing photo) - click photo to link to virtual tour

976 Fairway Drive in Bent Tree (listing photo) – click photo to link to virtual tour

Budget Open Forums (next month) and Board Work Session (next Tuesday)

If you are a Bent Tree property owner, make sure you are signed up on the member part of the official Bent Tree website. If you are signed up, you will receive the weekly “Bent Tree Friday News” email. This email bulletin gives information about social activities coming up, as well as important administrative and Board information. Yesterday’s email included links to the Topics for Discussion for Tuesday’s Work Session and information about the Budget Planning schedule. It seems the Board is listening to those who would like to see some evening and/or weekend meetings. There are two opportunities next month to participate in Budget Open Forums, one of  which will be held in the evening. At Tuesday’s Work Session, the Board will discuss the possibility of having some evening or weekend Board meetings.
BTCI Budget Planning Calendar

2018 0918 work session topics