Lake Lot Under Contract

A gently sloping .62 acre lake lot in Bent Tree currently has a sales status of “Contingent – Due Diligence”.  According to the listing, the lot has 150 feet of frontage on Lake Tamarack and is priced at $139,900.

Lake lot in Bent Tree, sale status "Contingent"

Lake lot in Bent Tree, sale status “Contingent”

Lake & Wildlife Program “Bear Essentials”

The program for Saturday’s Lake & Wildlife Partners Meeting is “Bear Essentials”, presented by the chairman of the Wildlife Subcommittee.  The meeting will be held at 9:30 Saturday morning in the Club Tamarack Rec Room.  Coffee and doughnuts are available beginning at 9:00.

The bear sat up, scratched his ear, then ambled on through the woods.

Black Bear in Bent Tree


Sundown and Sunup

  • If the motion shown below, under “New Business” as a “Second Reading”, passes at today’s Board meeting,
  • and if sundown and sunup mean the same things as sunset and sunrise,
  • then there will be times of the year when vehicles will be prohibited from parking at the spillway area as early as 5:30 in the afternoon,
  • and there will be times of the year when vehicles will have to wait until almost 8:00 in the morning to enter the spillway area,
  • and the timetables available at this link (click here) may come in handy to keep track during the year and plan accordingly.

sundown to sunup


December 24, 2013 - Morning mist and sun at the spillway

December 24, 2013 – Morning mist and sunshine at the spillway (click photo to zoom)

Board Meeting Tuesday (August 28, 2018 @ 9:00 a.m.)

The Board of Directors meeting will be held at the Club Tamarack Recreation Room (downstairs).

Audience comments generally are not allowed at regular Board meetings, so if you want to speak to the Board about anything, be sure to get there early enough to sign up to speak at Open Forum.  Click here for more information about Open Forums.

There is no “Old Business” on Tuesday’s agenda (note – the detailed agenda is available on the members section of the BTCI website).

There are some interesting motions that will be made under “New Business”.  Here’s a short summary (see the actual agenda for more details):

  • Spillway Rules – If passed, the motion will restrict vehicular parking to the gravel area during the day, and prohibit vehicular entry into the spillway area from sundown to sunup.
  • Pet Policy – If passed, the motion will make the Paws and Play dog park the only common property area where dogs can be off-leash.  Off-leash dogs would be prohibited at the spillway.
  • Brokers Agreement for Bent Tree Properties, Inc. – If passed, the board will “proceed immediately with the ‘Qualifying Broker Agreement’ dated March, 22, 2018 between BENT TREE PROPERTIES, INC. and FRANKLIN G. LEWIS” and Bent Tree will be in the real estate business.
  • Sale of Lake Green Belt Property – If passed, the motion will establish policy for BTCI to sell a portion of the lake green belt to lake lot owners and add “negotiable guidelines” to the Rules and Regulations (the sales price would be $2 per square foot)Click here for a related post.  It seems to me that it would make sense for any board member who happens to be a lake lot owner to abstain from any vote that may take place on the issue.

Note – the photo below was taken in 2016, right after the Pet Policy was revised and a new sign was installed at the spillway.

2016 0429 spillway new dog sign

April 29, 2016 – spillway in Bent Trrd