Bent Tree Benevolent Fund

Bent Tree has some amazing, conscientious, hardworking, smart, loyal, and friendly people on staff.  And, they kick it into overdrive when disaster strikes.  If you haven’t done so already, please donate to the Bent Tree Benevolent Fund.  Donations can be taken directly to the Admin Office, put in the Administration Mailbox at the Mail Center, or mailed to BENT TREE BENEVOLENT FUND, 1671 CRIPPLED OAK TRAIL #20926, JASPER, GA 30143.

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Snow Policy

Click here to link to the current weather advisories for Jasper, GA.  As of this morning, there is a flood watch, a winter weather advisory, and a wind advisory.  In the event snow and/or ice does come to the area, it’s best to stay home, and off the roads which can quickly become impassable.  Bent Tree’s Rules and Regulations includes the following “Snow Policy”:

BTCI Rules & Regulations, page 14

BTCI Rules & Regulations, page 14

The 15% Discount and the 15% Automatic Gratuity


At last week’s Board meeting, the directors approved the following motion:

from Nov. 27, 2018 Board meeting agenda

from Nov. 27, 2018 Board meeting agenda

The change will become effective in 2019.  Over the last three years (ever since the discount/gratuity policy was implemented), one Admin employee has spent approximately 40 hours every month handling the billing workload that the discount/gratuity policy generated.

Three years ago, the December 2015 echo included the following paragraph as part of the GM’s article (the previous GM, who is no longer associated with Bent Tree either as an employee or as a property owner).  Click here, here, and here for previous related posts (from 2016).

excerpt from the December 2015 echo GM article

from the December 2015 echo GM article (NOT Bent Tree’s current GM)