2018 Bent Tree Home Sales

As of Friday, 73 homes have hit the books as sold this year, with sales totaling $15,747,044.  There is an additional home that is showing up in the tax records as “deed in lieu of foreclosure” that is not included in the list below.  The sold prices range from a low of $75,199 for a foreclosure to $825,000 for a custom home on an amazing lot.  Also as of Friday, six homes were pending, with asking prices ranging from $79,500 to $339,000.

2018 Bent Tree home sales so far (click list to zoom)

2018 Bent Tree home sales so far

The Rumor is True

UPDATE – There is some back-pedaling going on regarding this issue, and it will probably be discussed at Tuesday’s Budget Session.

April 14, 2018 - Bent Tree Stables

April 14, 2018 – Bent Tree Stables

The Bent Tree Stables/Equestrian Center is closing.  See the excerpt below, from the BTCI Articles of Incorporation, for some of the powers of the Board.  However, the decision to close this amenity was made without any open discussion between the Board and the property owners.  See the second excerpt below for one of the duties of the Board, also from the BTCI Articles of Incorporation.

sell or otherwise header

power of the Board

a duty of the Board

duty  of the Board

Mostly Cloudy

Yesterday’s clouds settled around the mountains and made for a interesting view over the lake from the spillway area.  The photo below looks like it has some sort of frost photo editing, but it was just the clouds and the reflection in the lake.

October 16, 2018 - the view from the Lake Tamarack spillway (click photo to zoom)

October 16, 2018 – the view from the Lake Tamarack spillway area



The passionflower vines in Bent Tree are loaded with fruit right now (see photo below).  They’re called Maypops because they “may pop” if you step on them.  It’s a good childhood memory.  The photo above was taken this summer and shows a couple of bees on the flowers.  When a bee goes for the nectar in the center of the flower, its back brushes on the anthers and gets coated with pollen.

Click here for a post from last year with a good picture of the flower that grows on the vine during the summer.  Click here for another post from last year that shows a fun thing to do with the flower.

October 14, 2018 - fruit on passion flower vine

October 14, 2018 – fruit on passionflower vine

Things I learned at the annual meeting…

  • A new chef has been hired for Bent Tree’s restaurant.  The chef worked for many years at Big Canoe.  Click here to link to an old Smoke Signals article (from 2008) where the chef was recognized for his five years of service (up to that point…he obviously had many more years at Big Canoe after that).
  • Three companies are expected to submit quotes to handle BTCI’s trash and recycling.