The Beginning of BTCI

Bent Tree Community, Inc. was “duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia” on November 30, 1983.  The image below shows how the echo newsletter banner changed from “Bent Tree Country Club” in August 1983 to “Bent Tree Community, Inc.” in November 1983.  Management of Bent Tree was turned over to the Bent Tree Property Owners Association on November 1, 1983 and an interim management contract was negotiated to exist until the conclusion of the class action lawsuit that would convey the ownership to BTCI.  There were some interesting twists and turns that occurred several years before and after 1983 that shaped BTCI.  I’ll continue to share some of the highlights with a couple of posts each week on the subject.  There are still property owners in Bent Tree who played big roles during this period of Bent Tree’s history.

from "Bent Tree Country Club" to "Bent Tree Community, Inc."

from “Bent Tree Country Club” to “Bent Tree Community, Inc.”

It makes me laugh every time…

1983 0715 old business

July 15, 2983 – excerpt from Board of Governors meeting minutes

While going through some old Bent Tree info for yesterday’s post, I read this excerpt from the minutes of the July 15, 1983 Bent Tree Board of Governors Meeting.  I come across it every once in a while, and it makes me laugh every time. It may have been under Old Business, and it may have happened almost 34 years ago, but it never gets old.  The names are blacked out for privacy’s sake, but you get the gist…the man inquiring as to who was the Vice-President of the Board was the Vice-President of the Board.

You have to give the Vice-President the benefit of the doubt, because it seems things were pretty confusing and contentious in Bent Tree during that time.  Some of the players were:

  • The Liberty Corporation
  • Bent Tree Corporation (a wholly owned subsidiary of The Liberty Corporation)
  • Club Corporation of America
  • Bent Tree Country Club, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Club Corporation of America)
  • Bent Tree Board of Governors (an advisory group between the property owners and CCA)
  • Bent Tree Property Owners Association, Inc.
  • Six individual Bent Tree property owners
  • Bent Tree Villas Homeowners Association, Inc.

There will be more posts on this subject next week.  Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something to do this morning, the guest speaker at today’s Lake and Wildlife Partner Meeting is from the Georgia Wildlife Federation.  The meeting will be at 9:30 in the Club Tamarack Recreation Room (downstairs).

December 1982 – “The New Bent Tree”


It’s time to step into the WABAC Machine.

Yesterday, on the Bent Tree NextDoor site, Club Corporation of America’s role in the history of Bent Tree was mentioned.  Click here for an earlier post, on this website, that includes a list of associate clubs that afforded reciprocal privileges to Bent Tree property owners when Club Corporation of America managed the property from 1976 to 1983.  There were some really nice clubs in the program.

In the December 1982 edition of the echo, a proposal (which would be a joint effort between CCA, the Board of Governors*, and the Property Owners Association* Board) was presented to the property owners.  The proposal outlined their plan for “The New Bent Tree”.  By that time, Bent Tree Corporation had completed its Bent Tree development and BTC would no longer be providing subsidies to cover the deficits that had occurred every year (to the tune of $1.5 million cumulative over the years).  A long-standing agreement between Liberty Corporation (which had become the parent company of BTC*) and CCA meant that CCA was to gain ownership of the amenities when BTC pulled out.

*More history to follow in future posts…

1982 12 echo the new bent tree z