Tuesday’s Board Meeting – Recap

Following is a brief recap of items that were approved at Tuesday’s (November 27) Board of Directors Meeting:

NOTE:  Due to a “lack of consensus”, the Board did not put the proposed improved property owner USER FEE to a vote.  This particular issue has been tabled for now.


LAKE & WILDLIFE PROJECT REQUESTS (to be funded by L&W at no cost to BTCI):

  1. Annual stocking of Lake Tamarack with trout – APPROVED
  2. Boat skid at marina – APPROVED
  3. Donate $5000 to BTCI to be used for removal of downed trees – APPROVED
  4. Build two bocce ball courts at beach area – APPROVED (pending General Manager’s review of proposed location)



2013 BUDGET AND FEE SCHEDULEAPPROVED (an additional golf membership category was added before the vote)


Important Board Work Session tomorrow

The Bent Tree Board of Directors Work Session is scheduled for Tuesday, November 20 at 9:00 (Club Tamarack Rec Room).  Property owners may participate in work session discussions, when recognized by the Chair. Topics for discussion are:

  • Unfinished Business – Change to Rules & Regs, General Pet Policy
  • Unfinished Business – Addition to Rules & Regs, Hunting
  • New Business – Lake & Wildlife Project Requests
  • New Business – Tennis Committee Nominees
  • New Business – Budget Proposal *
  • New Business – Fine Schedule
  • New Business – Color Addition
  • New Business – Website Team Leader

* The budget proposal will include the proposed Fee Schedule for 2013.  Participation in this meeting is your best opportunity to let the Board know of any questions/concerns you might have regarding changes to fees.

NOTE:  The 2013 PROPOSED Budget and the 2013 PROPOSED Fee Schedule are available on the official Bent Tree website.  The BOD has been leaning towards a $150 general user fee to be accessed from all improved property owners.  This fee is not reflected on the draft fee schedule.  There is also a new water billing fee that is not shown.  Follow these steps to access the files:

***UPDATE – the link to the proposed 2013 budget is now obsolete and unavailable***

  1. visit www.bent-tree.com
  2. log in using your registered owner username and password
  3. go to “Management”
  4. under “Management” go to “Board of Directors”
  5. on the “Board of Directors” page, scroll all the way to the bottom
  6. click on “2013 Proposed Budget (2)” Update – the link is no longer available
  7. click on the individual links to the budget and the fee schedule

It’s a clean sweep by Lake & Wildlife

The three candidates supported by the Lake & Wildlife Old Guard* won the seats for the Bent Tree Board of Directors. Meanwhile, the collected assessment rate at the end of August was 83.7%. Our current Board of Directors set this year’s budget assuming a 86% collection rate (even though the 2011 collection rate was only 84.3%).  Here’s hoping the final quarter of 2012 brings in a lot of past-due collections.

*Note – This is not my wording.  The term is straight from one of “The Old Guard” himself.



Open for interpretation

From the October 2012 Bent Tree newsletter: “If you have allowed your improved property to become overgrown with weeds, you will be receiving the letter below.”

Definition of weed (top of search list when googled): A wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.

Click for larger image

definition of weed

From a 1970’s brochure marketing Bent Tree:

Click for larger image

Bent Tree brochure (1970's)