GA DNR Survey Bent Tree Bears


A link to a survey about bears in Bent Tree went out via yesterday’s “Friday News” email.  The survey was developed by the Georgia DNR and they will share the resulting report with Bent Tree.  The survey link will be available until close-of-business on Friday, June 28th and is intended for Bent Tree residents only.  The DNR requests that one survey be completed per household.  So, check your “Friday News” if you would like to participate.  I took the survey yesterday and look forward to seeing the future report.

2019 0621 ga dnr bear survey thank you


Lake & Wildlife Program “Bear Essentials”

The program for Saturday’s Lake & Wildlife Partners Meeting is “Bear Essentials”, presented by the chairman of the Wildlife Subcommittee.  The meeting will be held at 9:30 Saturday morning in the Club Tamarack Rec Room.  Coffee and doughnuts are available beginning at 9:00.

The bear sat up, scratched his ear, then ambled on through the woods.

Black Bear in Bent Tree


Bear News

September 9, 2012 - bear in Bent Tree


  • “To the best of our knowledge, the bear family remains alive and well and has not been trapped. Since they have not returned to the Swim Club area, DNR is picking up their two traps from the property today.”  - Jill Philmon, General Manager Big Canoe, from July 18 email blast to BC
  • “Please Note: As you may know, the bears in Bent Tree are busy migrating around the property.  Bent Tree Public Safety asks that you do not leave trash, pet food, bird seed or any other edible material outside, in your vehicle, garage, porch or other accessible areas.  This would include the common trash pick up areas such as the mail center, golf course and pavilion. Lastly, remember to keep all exterior doors locked.” – Tom Fowler, General Manager Bent Tree, from July 20 email blast to BT

The subject of trapping/euthanizing “nuisance” black bears has been in the news this week.  Click here for a post from five years ago that addresses this same subject.  From that post you can link to even earlier posts on the subject. It is a sad situation that won’t get better unless people quit feeding the wildlife (whether intentionally or unintentionally).  The photo below is from 2011 and shows a bear trap in Bent Tree, set by the DNR to capture a nuisance bear.

Please do not feed the wildlife…

July 29, 2011 - Bear trap in Bent Tree

July 29, 2011 – Bear trap in Bent Tree


2017 0605 bear header

Bear coming out from behind a stump

There have been a lot of bear sightings over the last year, and many people in Bent Tree have taken some amazing bear pictures.  A few years ago, it seemed like I saw bears everywhere I went in Bent Tree.  Then I hit a long, dry spell.  Until last Monday, I hadn’t seen a bear since 2014.  On Monday, this bear appeared from behind an old stump.  I was able to grab my camera and snap a couple of pictures before the fast-moving bear went across the street and behind some trees.  The pictures aren’t great, but I’m happy.

2017 0605 bear

June 5, 2017 – Black bear in Bent Tree


It’s a wild, wild life

Today’s post is a recap of several previous posts that contain pictures of the wildlife here in beautiful Bent Tree. Click the following post titles to see the photos:

There’s no way to sugarcoat this

Click here to link to a story about a bear trap in Big Canoe that led to disastrous results. Note – it appears the article is no longer available online. It told of a bear cub being decapitated after following its mother into a bear trap in Big Canoe.

Following is a picture of a similar bear trap used in Bent Tree.

Bear trap in Bent Tree last summer (July 29, 2011)

The bear with a bird’s eye view

When you’re hiking in Bent Tree, be aware of what is on the ground and up in the trees. Look closely at the following picture and you will see a black bear way up in a tree. Below that are pictures of the bear coming down the tree (click on thumbnails for larger images).

Bear getting a bird’s eye view of Bent Tree


Bear relocation

Following is a picture of a trap that was used by the DNR in Bent Tree last year.  Click here to link to the Georgia DNR fact sheet on black bears.  The guest speaker scheduled for the September Lake & Wildlife Committee meeting is Mitch Yeargin of the Georgia DNR.  The topic will be “Living with Black Bears”.  Lake & Wildlife Committee meetings are open to all Bent Tree property owners (and renters).  The September meeting is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on September 1st at the Club Tamarack Rec Room.

Bear trap in Bent Tree last summer (July 29, 2011)