This Place is For the Birds.

Continuing with the bird theme this week…The bluebirds were flying around like crazy again at the dam last Sunday. It was a chilly, but sunny morning, and they were zipping across the road, landing on rocks, the pavement, the valve operator, the purple martin houses (a new house recently appeared, so now there are two), signs, everything. While I was trying to take pictures of the bluebirds, a heron flew by and got in a couple of pictures. Click here for a similar post back in October.

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This Flicker’s a Mudder

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January 12, 2014 - robin and flicker

A couple of days ago, there were two flickers and three robins digging around in the yard. One of the flickers kept digging in the same spot for about 15 minutes (see photos below). The other flicker, and one of the robins, are shown in the photo above.

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January 10, 2014 - Northern Flicker takes a break on a tree

Battle of the Woodpeckers

On New Year’s Day, I had just focused my camera on a downy woodpecker and snapped two quick shots, when a pileated woodpecker gave its jungle cry, swooped into the picture, and chased away the downy. The following three pictures were taken within seconds of each other.

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15 mph

That’s the speed at which a pileated woodpecker’s head travels while pecking / hitting a tree. The photo below (taken yesterday) is what prompted me to look up that detail. The photo captured the bird’s red head crest in motion, something I’d never noticed before.

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November 20, 2013 - Pileated woodpecker