Coachwhip Trail

April 27, 2014 – wild azalea in bloom on Coachwhip Trail

Last Sunday’s post had information about a house for sale on Coachwhip Court in Bent Tree. Coachwhip Court branches off of Coachwhip Trail, which runs between Grandview Trail and South View Trail. There are currently no houses at all on Coachwhip Trail. There’s an improved waterline and nice fire hydrants, but no houses (and no power lines except for a short section off of Grandview Trail). The heavily wooded area is very pretty, and there are buildable lots. The photo above, of wild azaleas, was taken along Coachwhip Trail last spring. Click the video below (taken last week) for a golfcart ride from one end of the street to the other. The video is pixelated and bumpy, especially at the start. It’s not that easy to record using a phone while on a golfcart. It smooths out some after about 20 seconds. I might have tried to record a smoother version, but then you’d miss the deer I came upon at about the 53 second mark. Watch closely.