Twin fawns – one month old

A previous post (click here to see) shared pictures of newborn twin fawns that were born in Bent Tree on June 26th. They turned one month old yesterday (if they have survived the bears, coyotes, and humans). The last time I saw the twins was the day after they were born. Later that night, a gamecam in the yard captured a photo of a coyote, so it is a distinct possibility the coyote took at least one of the fawns. But, three days ago, the same gamecam captured a photo of a doe and twin fawns. Maybe it’s the same deer one month later. Following are the gamecam photos of the coyote and the deer. You have to look closely to see both fawns (one is nursing, the other is getting washed by the doe).

June 27, 2012 – coyote in yard one day after fawns were born (photo taken by motion-activated gamecam)

July 24, 2012 – doe and twin fawns (photo taken by motion-activated gamecam)