The Bent Tree Project Proposal Form

Five years ago, the April 2012 BTCI Board president’s Report to the Board included the following:

Excerpt from the April 2012 Board President's Report to the Board

Excerpt from the April 2012 Board President’s Report to the Board

By August 2012, the Project Proposal Form was available on the official Bent Tree website, and it is still there for property owners to use.  A picture of the form is shown below, but if you want to submit an idea, log on to the Bent Tree website, click on the “Management” tab, then click on “Board of Directors” on the drop-down menu that appears. Once you are on the “Board of Directors” page, scroll down until you see the link “Bent Tree Project Proposal Form”.  Click on that link, fill out the required information, print a hard copy, follow the instructions on sending the completed form, and click “Submit”.