Happy Trails To You

One of the items on today’s board meeting agenda involves the following:  “Move approval of the request from Lake & Wildlife Committee to develop hiking trails above the water treatment retention ponds”.

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For some time, there has been interest in having a long distance hiking trail in Bent Tree, of a more rugged nature than the existing community trails.  Bent Tree has a large greenbelt area that seems perfect for such a trail. The plan is to begin with a ¾ mile trail from Bella Vista to a waterfall, then add spurs in different directions.  The Lake and Wildlife Committee would handle the responsibility of blazing and maintaining the trail, and would also pay for any costs (which should be minimal).  This proposal made me think about the BTCI 20/20 Ad Hoc Committee.  I looked back at the 20/20 information and, interestingly enough, their kickoff meeting was held nine years ago today (May 23, 2008).  A long distance trail was one of the recommendations in their 2009 “interim report”.

2020 3

one of the recommendations from the 20/20 committee in 2009