Pickens County GA June 2017 Tax Sale


Last month, a Bent Tree email bulletin regarding the June tax sale was sent to subscribers.  The sale will be held in front of the Pickens County Courthouse tomorrow morning, beginning at 10:00.  Click here for more information, including a list of properties; many of the properties are within Bent Tree.  Over the decades, many Bent Tree property owners have successfully purchased property this way.  Some of the reasons to add another lot to one’s property are: to preserve privacy for an existing home (i.e. prohibiting anyone else from ever building on the lot next to you), to have a bigger lot to build on (adding a lot can possibly make an “unbuildable” lot “buildable”), for vista pruning options, to enlarge a home, or to enlarge/replace a septic drainfield.

A tax sale purchase is a “buyer beware” scenario and there are costs associated with clearing titles of tax sale deeds.   The defendants (property owners before the tax sale) have a right to redeem the property at anytime within 12 months after the sale, and at anytime after the sale until the purchaser has completed the foreclosure process. Click here to link to O.C.G.A. 48-4-40 and here to link to O.C.G.A. 48-4-45 for more information. Obtaining qualified legal advice is recommended.

from a Pickens County tax deed

excerpt from a Pickens County Tax Sale Deed