The “and Wildlife”

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“A motion was approved to add a Wildlife sub-committee as a voting member of the Lake and Wildlife Executive committee requiring a change in the Operating Procedures.  The function of the sub-committee is to bring Wildlife related issues and news to the attention of Lake and Wildlife Executive members and Partners.” 
- from the July 10, 2017 Lake and Wildlife Executive Committee Meeting minutes

The current Lake and Wildlife voting subcommittees are:

  • Lake Management
  • Keep Bent Tree Beautiful
  • Forest Conservation
  • Trail Maintenance
  • Special Projects
  • Special Events

The August Lake and Wildlife Partners meeting will be held this morning at 9:30 in the Club Tamarack Recreation Room.  All Bent Tree property owners and residents are welcome.  Today’s (August 5, 2017) scheduled guest speaker is Steve Smith, BTCI Public Safety Director.