Get Your Bent Tree Bullets

As previously mentioned, the interim General Manager is doing a great job communicating to the community via the Bent Tree Bullets email bulletin.  But, there are a lot of members who are not signed up for the service.  Following are the steps to sign up to receive the Bullets.  You can click on the images under each step to enlarge them for easier reading.

  • Go to the official Bent Tree Community, Inc. website and click the “Owner Login” subscriptions
  • Enter your login name and password, then click “Login”.  If you do not have that information, contact website subscriptions 2x
  • Once you are logged in, go to “My Profile” under the “Home” subscriptions 3
  • You should now be on your user profile page.  Click the “Subscriptions” subscriptions 4
  • Click the box next to “Bent Tree Bullets” and any other subscriptions you want.  Then click “Save Changes”.  You should be all subscriptions 5