Next Year’s Budget

The 2018 budget, as approved at Tuesday’s meeting of the Board of Directors, is available on the official Bent Tree website (property owner login required).  The possible lot combination fee mentioned in an earlier post (click here) was not approved.  The only amendment made to the proposed 2018 fee schedule and budget (the one that was available for review prior to the board meeting) on Tuesday was to increase each preferred golf membership category by $100 instead of the proposed $150.  That change led to a bottom line operating budget of $4,988,150.

One fee that saw a dramatic increase from 2017 to 2018 is the annual trail fee for private cart use on the golf course.  That fee jumped from $750 to $1000…a 33.3% increase.  It was pointed out by the Board that if a member thought the $1000 was too much, they could always pay the daily cart rental fee and use one of Bent Tree’s carts.  BTCI does not have any direct operating expenditures related to a member’s private cart.  Each member is responsible for the maintenance and gas for their own cart.  BTCI does have operating expenses directly related to rental carts.