Before BTCI Part 1 – The Bent Tree Corporation, The Liberty Corp and Spratlin Associates

excerpt from 1970 advertisement for Bent Tree

excerpt from 1970 advertisement for Bent Tree

The image above is from an early advertisement for Bent Tree.  Bent Tree’s corporate structure history is interesting; I’ve posted bits and pieces on this website over the years, but have never posted the entire evolution.  I’m going to try follow through with a basic corporate history summary, over the next week or so, without going off on too many tangents.

So…in the beginning there was Bent Tree Corporation (not to be confused with Bent Tree Community, Inc.).

Bent Tree Corporation (a subsidiary of The Liberty Corporation) was incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia on August 29, 1969 “…for the following purposes: to purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire, own, hold, improve, use and otherwise deal in and with, real and personal property, or any interest therein.”

At its inception, BTC’s Board of Directors consisted of six members from The Liberty Corporation (note – in December 1968, The Liberty Corporation set up Liberty Properties Group, Inc. to handle its foray into residential/recreational developments).

On September 3, 1969 Bent Tree Corporation and Spratlin Associates, Inc. entered into an agreement whereby Spratlin would develop and market the Bent Tree project.