Before BTCI Part 7 – Bent Tree Country Club (Jan. 1976)


Bent Tree Country Club, Inc. was duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia on January 19, 1976.  The corporation was a wholly owned subsidiary of Club Corporation of America (now known as ClubCorp).  Liberty (still the owner of Bent Tree at that time) hired Club Corporation of America to manage the operation of every amenity in the Bent Tree community (including the golf course, two restaurants, lounges, meeting facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, the lake, and the stables); Bent Tree Country Club, Inc. was the entity Club Corporation used to do that. Click here for a 2015 post with more information about the ClubCorp agreement which included reciprocal privileges at clubs across the country.  The image above is clipped from that post and shows some of the clubs that were part of the reciprocal agreement in 1983.  The entire list is included in the previous post.