If you are a Bent Tree resident…

…then you are now a “Lake and Wildlife Associate”.

Here is the new mission statement of the Lake & Wildlife Committee:
The mission of the Lake and Wildlife Committee is to protect and maintain our natural resources to serve the needs of the Bent Tree community. The committee will focus on providing education to the community regarding suitable use of the forest and related ecosystems and resources they contain. Additional concentrations will be on providing recreational and service opportunities for the Bent tree community. The committee will furnish leadership in preserving the natural beauty consistent with good stewardship and wise assimilation of human occupancy into the natural setting. Members of the committee are the Chair person or Co-Chairpersons, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Chairpersons of the following Subcommittees: Gardeners, Lake and Trails, Yard Sale, Special Projects and Keep Bent Tree Beautiful. All residents will be Lake and Wildlife associates and will be encouraged to participate in the activities of the committee.

So, all residents* are now Lake and Wildlilfe associates.  It is interesting that you have to “opt in” to become a BTCI member, but you are automatically a L&W associate.
*Note: not all Bent Tree property owners are residents, and not all residents are property owners.

The actual standing committee now consists of the L&W officers and the chairpersons of the following five subcommittees:

  1. Gardeners
  2. Lake and Trails
  3. Yard Sale
  4. Special Projects
  5. Keep Bent Tree Beautiful

Note: at the end of last year, there were 15 subcommittees. The new mission statement changes the structure of the committee. Click here to link to a post that describes the previous structure.