History of Deer Restocking in Georgia

By the early 1900’s, white-tailed deer were almost extirpated from Georgia.  Year-round hunting with dogs and night hunting by torchlight contributed to the deer population decimation.   Significant restocking efforts began in Georgia in 1928 and ended in 1992.  Deer were brought into the state from North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Montana, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Michigan, and possibly even Europe.  As populations rebounded in some areas of the state, intrastate restocking took place.  The last deer brought to Pickens County came from Paulding County and Berry College, in 1990.  By 2004, the estimated deer population in Georgia had reached 1,000,000. 

Click here to read an interesting paper on the deer stocking program in Georgia (it might take a minute for the pdf to load).  The paper was written in 1975, so it only covers the program from 1928-1974.  I have a hard copy of a later report that covers the entire period (1928-1992).  They are both interesting reads.