Proposed Changes to Hunting Regulations

Update – the proposed changes passed and have been implemented for the 2013-2014 season.

“Expansion of either-sex days for the past decade was used to reduce an overabundant statewide deer population consistent with Georgia’s Deer Management Plan. This reduction has been achieved. Over this same decade, fawn recruitment rates have decreased by 26% based on statewide estimates and 10-year averages. Additionally, doe harvest rates increased 13% in the last 2 years and percent does in the total harvest has remained at about 65% for 3 years running. This change is consistent with actions in Georgia’s Deer Management Plan necessary to stabilize deer populations across the state, provides ample opportunity for deer managers to meet harvest objectives, communicates to hunters the need for a conservative approach in managing doe harvest, and is responsive to public desires.” - March 29, 2013 memorandum from Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division, page 9

The Georgia DNR has released proposed changes to state hunting regulations. One major change is the reduction of “doe days” in most northern zone counties, including Pickens County. The justification is that the deer population in Georgia has has been reduced and needs to be stabilized. Click here to link to the document (see page 9 for pertinent information).

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