Bent Tree property owners may remember The 19th Hole’s conversion to Fuzion back in 2010, and they may wonder what happened to the whole Bent Tree / Fuzion experience. BTCI paid approximately $35,000 to Fuzion Food Group, Inc. The details are fuzzy, but Fuzion quickly fizzled out in Bent Tree.

  • 2010 – TheĀ Smoke Signals publishes an article that discusses the conversion of Bent Tree’s 19th Hole to the Fuzion system. Click here to link to the article.
  • By September 2010, The 19th Hole’s kitchen was converted to the Fuzion cooking system in some shape or fashion, but the promises delivered by the Fuzion Food Group’s slick sales pitch never materialized.
  • While the Fuzion pizza received some good reviews, most of the other menu items fell flat with the patrons.
  • Over the next couple of years, more of the old cooking equipment was brought back into the kitchen to overcome the inadequacies of what Fuzion equipment had been installed at The 19th Hole.
  • September 2012 – 15 Fuzion investors file a lawsuit, in South Dakota, against Fuzion Food Group for fraud. Click here to see the associated filed court document. The plaintiffs are demanding a trial by jury.
  • 2013 – BTCI is granted a judgment against Fuzion Food Group, in the amount of $35,000 plus interest and court costs. Note – actually collecting on a judgment is another issue.