“This one of a kind golf course cottage offers year round mountain views…”

Click here to link to the listing info for 581 Crippled Oak Trail in Bent Tree.  The asking price for the 2 bed, 2 bath, 3 car garage golf home is $200,000.  Click the listing photo below to link to a virtual tour.

581 crippled oak

Listing photo for 581 Crippled Oak Trail in Bent Tree (click photo to link to video tour)


A Membership Corporation

NOTE – Yesterday’s post was a summary of old posts about Bent Tree’s corporate history.  Coincidentally, when I read my online Pickens Progress yesterday, there was an interesting history article (part 1 of 3) about the area that eventually became Bent Tree. Check it out in the current edition of the Progress.

Yesterday’s post gave links to a series of posts about Bent Tree’s corporate history before Bent Tree Corporation, Inc. existed.  Today I’m fast-forwarding to the incorporation of BTCI and some points after that.  At some time in the near future I’ll fill in some important gaps .

  • On November 30, 1983, Bent Tree Community, Inc, was duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia.  Quoting from the echo in early 1984: “At long last ownership of the amenities at Bent Tree have been transferred to Bent Tree Community, Inc., the corporation established by the Bent Tree Property Owners Association to own and operate the facilities on behalf of the property owners at Bent Tree.”
  • Those original Articles of Incorporation are available on the official Bent Tree website, along with an amendment to the articles that was made in 1994.  As long as I’ve been at Bent Tree, the original articles and that one amendment have been the only documents I’ve seen officially referenced regarding BTCI’s Articles of Incorporation. Regarding membership, the original articles state “The Corporation shall be a nonmembership corporation without certificates or shares of stock.”  There has been confusion, based on the original articles, on why BTCI was “a nonmembership corporation”, but the Bylaws explain how to become a member.
  • The reason BTCI was a nonmembership corporation in the beginning was because it was created so the Bent Tree Property Owners Association (in existence since 1974) could accept ownership of the facilities.  It did not need to be a membership corporation at the time, because BTPOA was the membership corporation.
  • On November 12, 1986 BTPOA merged with BTCI.  About five or six years ago, I came across something that connected the dots.  The terms of the merger included the following: “Upon the Effective Date of the merger, the Surviving Corporation shall become a membership corporation and all members of BTPOA shall then and thereafter become members of the Surviving Corporation.”
  • Regarding membership after the merger, the amended articles state Membership. The Corporation shall have one class of membership. All natural persons who are the record owners of lots in the Bent Tree Community, Pickens County, Georgia, upon the filing of an application for membership with the Corporation, and being approved by the Board of Directors shall become members.”



Before BTCI

Over two years ago, I started a series of posts about the corporate history of Bent Tree.  I got sidetracked and never finished.  One of these days I’ll get back on track.  There is something I want to fast forward to, and I’ll do that tomorrow.  In the meantime, here are links to the related previous posts as some background:

14 Sales and Counting

  • As of Friday, 14 Bent Tree homes have hit the books as “SOLD” so far this year.
    • In the same time period last year, only 6 homes had sold.
  • As of yesterday, only 45 BT homes are showing “ACTIVE” for sale
    • 4 of those 45 are “UNDER CONTRACT”.
  • As of yesterday, 17 homes have a “SALE PENDING” status.



“…well-maintained home with long range views…”

Click here to link to the listing information for 213 South View Trail in Bent Tree.  The 3 bed, 3 bath home (with many extras including a huge workshop) hit the market two days ago with an asking price of $339,000.  Click the listing photo below to link to a virtual tour.

Agent's listing photo for 213 South View Trail in Bent Tree

Agent’s listing photo for 213 South View Trail in Bent Tree