Now Blooming in Bent Tree

The wild azaleas are beautiful right now. If you look closely, you can see a bee in one of the flowers (click photo for larger image).

Rhododendron canescens  Piedmont azalea

P1160479 2018 0413 wild azalea bee

April 13, 2018 – wild azalea (and a bee) in Bent Tree – click photo for larger image


A Flashback to the Fuzion Fiasco

May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013

A Bent Tree resident recently mentioned the old Fuzion episode in Bent Tree’s not-so-long-ago history. The Fuzion Food Group had a slick sales pitch that BTCI fell for back in 2010.  Problems arose, pretty much from the onset, but excuses and empty promises kept BTCI hopeful, that Fuzion would uphold their end of the contract, for quite a while.  It turned out that Bent Tree wasn’t the only one burned by Fuzion. Click here for a 2013 post for more information.  Note – the photo above is also from 2013.


The 2018 Masters was amazing. If you missed the action, click here for some official highlights.  If you live in Bent Tree, and are interested in taking up the game of golf, give the Pro Shop a call at 770-893-2626 for information on beginner clinics, private lessons, group play, etc.





Bent Tree Realty Website

My Sunday posts are usually based around a specific house or lot that is for sale in Bent Tree (a different one every week).  This week I’ll just link to Bent Tree Realty’s new website.  Click here to link to that website.  Once there, you can click on various related topics.



The New Website

Bent Tree Community, Inc.’s new website is up and running.  I was not in town for the launch party, and I don’t have a username and password for the private owners’ section, so I’ve only clicked through the different public pages.  One of them was a surprise to me; click here to link to that page.  Quoting from the website, “We have spent a vast amount of time handpicking the best and the brightest builders to partner with us in building homes at Bent Tree.  Our builders all have experience building on mountainous terrain and know the covenants and restrictions that are unique to Bent Tree.  Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art designed home or a cozy mountain cabin, you will find exactly what you are looking for here.  Take some time to read all about them below.” – (2018, April 5). Build With Us.  As of this writing, there is one builder on the list.

It’s time to check out the new official Bent Tree website

I’m not sure if the BTCI website will be available before the official launch party this afternoon, but I think that checking out what information it has available is an important thing for Bent Tree property owners.  So, no real post here today…just check out when it becomes available. If I was in Bent Tree today, I would head to the 19th Hole at 4:00 for the launch.   Fingers crossed that the new website will be successful and chock full of timely/relevant/easy-to-find information.