Throwback Thursday

2007 12 echo cover

A decade ago, the December 2007 echo headline was “Congratulations, Bent Tree We Did It!”.   The article was written by a board member who was wrapping up his three year term (2005-2007).  Incidentally, that same person is coming back on board next month to serve another three year term (2018-2020).  The following is an excerpt from the article:

“Wow! Did you ever respond! For almost two years, the Ad Hoc Committee on CC&R Review has been studying our CC&Rs along with a huge stack of like materials, seeking those issues within our documents which impede our ability to maintain and enhance the value of our properties.  In October, after review of our proposals by the Board of Directors, the Board authorized a referendum of all property owners, seeking their opinion on two proposals: 1-establish an annual assessment to be used exclusively for Capital Maintenance and Replacement, and 2-reduce the quorum requirement of property owners voting from 51% to 33%. This measure would reduce the cost of conducting a vote on proposed amendments.”

Both amendments passed.  The Capital Maintenance and Replacement Assessment amendment was approved with 79.7% of votes cast being “yes”.  The amendment that lowered the required quorum was approved with 73.4% of votes cast being “yes”.