The New Ad Hoc Committee

A previous post was about the dissolution of the Ad Hoc Financial Advisory Committee. A new ad hoc committee has been established. This one is called the Assessment Analysis Committee. The mission, according to the new board president, is to advise the Bent Tree Board of Directors on the “…feasibility of seeking a CC&R amendment to alter lot assessments in Bent Tree. And, if an amendment is viable, what solution(s) does the committee recommend, and what would be an appropriate timeline.”

A Bent Tree Bullet was sent out a few days ago with a link to the committee’s initial report. The report can be found on Bent Tree’s official website (property owner login required).

Jekyll Island Deer

Click the links below to read a couple of recent articles regarding deer on Jekyll Island:

“biologically destitute areas…completely lacking understory”

June 14, 2012 – Deer near intersection of Tamarack Dr. and Mulligan Way

June 14, 2012

June 9, 2012 – VERY pregnant doe in woods on golf course near #13

The “biologically destitute” quote came from a document that was presented to the Board of Directors in February 2011.

Black Widow

The following photo of a Black Widow spider was taken yesterday in Bent Tree.  The photo is of the spider’s back.  It had the characteristic red hourglass on the abdomen, but it wouldn’t stay flipped over long enough to get a picture.  And, once the spider was “culled”, you really couldn’t even tell it was a spider anymore, so no more photo opportunities.  Click here to link to information about Black Widow spiders.

Click for larger image

May 18, 2012 - Bent Tree Black Widow


Find the Deer

Just for fun:  Here are two pictures taken yesterday near the intersection of Tamarack and Mulligan.  There are two deer in each of the pictures (the second picture is zoomed).  Look closely and you will see them (at least you should be able to find them in the zoomed picture).  Note – both pictures were taken from the street.  Click thumbnail for larger image.

If you can’t find them, click here.