The Eagle Egg Has Landed…

…at Berry College (see photos below).

It had been almost a year since I’d looked at the Berry College Bald Eagle Cam (click here for a previous post on the subject), when I checked it out yesterday morning. I watched for a few minutes while an eagle worked on the nest, then flew off. There was no egg in the nest at that time. I checked back in the afternoon and saw two eagles moving around in the nest. Next thing I knew, one of them laid an egg. Amazing. Following are some screen captures from both the morning and afternoon. The only reason I started doing the screen captures in the first place was to use one or two in a post about a recent change in federal rules regarding “taking” bald eagles. I guess timing is everything. I lucked out and watched at the exact second the egg was laid. One photo shows the nest from the “approach cam”. The nest is huge. After the approach cam photo, you can see the second eagle returned and took over the egg-sitting duties while the other eagle ate. This message was posted yesterday evening on the eagle cam website: Congratulations to the Berry College Bald Eagles. The female laid an egg today at 3:12 PM EST. One or two additional eggs could arrive in the next two to three days. A two-egg clutch is most common. The incubation period is 33-37 days for each egg.” Click here to link to the live eagle cam at Berry College.

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December 19, 2012 - in Bent Tree