2022 Bent Tree Club Champion

Congratulations to this year’s Bent Tree Men’s Club Champion. Cooper has earned a place in Bent Tree history by winning the championship flight (gross score from the blue tees) at the age of 13! Recognition is also due to the third place winner of the championship flight…Ron has now played in the championship for 40 consecutive years (and holds the Bent Tree record for the most championship wins).

Remembering Andy


The Bent Tree Men’s Golf Association has a tournament today and they are dedicating it to Andy.  Andy wrote MGA articles for the Echo newsletter for years and years, complete with accompanying photographs. The articles were informative, thoughtful, and always included a touch of humor.  The main part of the articles gave entertaining recaps of MGA news.  But, it was always the last section of his articles that I most looked forward to reading…the “My Commentary” part.

Andy and his wife sold their mountain cabin in March of last year and moved to Florida. Early this year I was happy to learn that they bought another home in Bent Tree, and moved back.  Many of us looked forward to seeing that big smile again around the clubhouse.  Unfortunately, Andy passed away in April.

So, guys…I hope you hit ‘em straight out there today, have fun, celebrate Andy, and keep his wife in your thoughts.  But, if you can’t hit ‘em straight, here’s a quote from one of Andy’s commentaries that might help: “When we play golf we should be taking the time to ‘smell the roses’ as we plod along our merry way. There are many pleasant visual experiences to be had on our golf course, and they shouldn’t be missed while tracking down our errant shots or making our way to the green or tee boxes…”.

Just a Glimpse

Several Scarlet Tanagers have been flitting around the trees in our yard over the last week or so. They’ve been so quick that the photo below is the best snapshot I could get. Click here for a post from 2013 that has some better tanager photos.

May 9, 2020 - male Scarlet Tanager in Bent Tree

May 9, 2020 – male Scarlet Tanager in Bent Tree