Not Necessarily

Click here for a related previous post from last week. The second sentence of the November GM Report states “The majority of residents voted to increase our assessments for improved lots and reduce our assessments for unimproved lots.”

That statement is not necessarily true. A more accurate statement might be “The majority of property owners who actually voted, were in favor of the CC&R amendment regarding the restructuring of assessments.

There were 625 votes cast in favor of the amendment. The General Manager used the word residents. Since the returned ballots were not tallied by whether they were from improved or unimproved property owners, there is no way (at this time) to know how the majority of residents voted. Someone could probably go through the returned ballots and figure out the breakdown; it would just take some time. It could be that the unimproved lot owners pushed the amendment through. Each and every unimproved lot owner will save at least $110 in assessments next year. If they own a combined lot, the savings will be much greater. For example, an unimproved three-lot combination will save $720 in assessments next year.

Also, the “voted to increase our assessments for improved lots” wording is not accurate. As previously noted, some improved properties will enjoy decreased assessments.