The last two posts have covered the proposed increases of certain fines in Bent Tree.  The proposed changes to the Rules & Regs include removing the current wording of section XXVI and replacing it entirely.  Two significant amendments are as follows:

  • Under the current version of the Rules & Regs, two warning letters are sent (two weeks apart) to property owners with AC violations not involving active building permits.  After that, daily fines are levied ($25 a day).  Under the proposed version, only one written notice will be sent to the property owner.  The owner is then given two weeks to take corrective action or coordinate an approved corrective action plan with the AC Committee.  Fines begin at the end of the two week period, if corrective actions are not taken. ($250 + $25 a day)
  • The following has been added in the proposed amendment: “The two week notice for corrective actions will not be provided for subsequent violations involving the same CC&R and regulatory provisions that are identified within 365 calendar days of the initial written warnings.  Fines will begin at the time the property owner is sent written notice of a repeat violation.  Also, fine amounts in Appendix B will double for these subsequent violations.”  ($500 + $50 a day)