The Beginning of BTCI

Bent Tree Community, Inc. was “duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia” on November 30, 1983.  The image below shows how the echo newsletter banner changed from “Bent Tree Country Club” in August 1983 to “Bent Tree Community, Inc.” in November 1983.  Management of Bent Tree was turned over to the Bent Tree Property Owners Association on November 1, 1983 and an interim management contract was negotiated to exist until the conclusion of the class action lawsuit that would convey the ownership to BTCI.  There were some interesting twists and turns that occurred several years before and after 1983 that shaped BTCI.  I’ll continue to share some of the highlights with a couple of posts each week on the subject.  There are still property owners in Bent Tree who played big roles during this period of Bent Tree’s history.

from "Bent Tree Country Club" to "Bent Tree Community, Inc."

from “Bent Tree Country Club” to “Bent Tree Community, Inc.”