One of my photos turned up in a real estate listing

For many years now, my Sunday posts have featured Bent Tree homes and lots that were for sale.  Yesterday, I was looking at a new vacant lot listing online and was surprised to see one of my own photos (that I took on June 20, 2014 during my round of golf) included in the listing.

This website is just a hobby of mine…I am passionate about Bent Tree and enjoy sharing some of the things that catch my attention.  I have never objected to the noncommercial sharing of my photos and have expressly allowed the use of some photos when asked directly.

But seeing a photo that I took, used without permission for commercial purposes, got me thinking…my past Sunday posts often included a listing photo of the property.  Even though I have identified listing photos as such, and linked them directly to the agent’s listings, I will no longer include listing photos unless I have the agent’s permission. I will simply link to the property information.  That’s the right thing to do.

June 20, 2014 - Hole 14

June 20, 2014 – Hole 14