Board Work Session Tuesday

A Board work session is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday (January 17) in the Club Tamarack Recreation Room. The work session information packet (22 pages) is available on the official Bent Tree website.  Several proposed amendments to the Rules & Regs are included.

One of the topics to be discussed is “Revision of square footage requirements for homes”. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Yesterday, on a NextDoor social media site, someone stated “The minimum square footage requirement was raised by the BT Board…”.
    • Actually, the minimum square footage requirement was raised by a 2004 amendment to the BTCI CC&Rs. Amendments require not only the declarant’s approval, but approval by the required number of property owner votes.
  • The same person also wrote “It came to light during the orientation sessions that this change could be voted on by the board.”
    • Actually, the board could vote to send it out as a proposed amendment to the CC&Rs. It would then be up to the property owners to decide whether or not to make that change.

I did email my thoughts on the subject to the board members.