How Work Sessions Work

DISCLAIMER – This information page was written in 2012.  Things may change slightly each year, but this gives a general idea of how Work Sessions work.

During the work session (this is different from a regular Board meeting), property owners may participate in the discussion when recognized by the chair.  Here is a quick summary of how it works:

  • The Board of Directors has a list of “Topics for Discussion”.
  • The Board will discuss each topic separately.
  • After the Board has discussed a topic, the chair will open the floor to property owners in the audience.
  • Audience members who wish to comment should raise their hands.
  • Property owners should make sure their comments relate to the current topic being discussed.
  • The chair will call on those who have raised their hand (one at a time) for their comments.
  • The comments made by property owners will sometimes lead to more Board discussion.
  • If the discussion(s) begin to run too long, the chair may make the decision to move along to the next topic.

If a property owner wishes to address a topic/concern, whether or not it is on the list, they may sign up before the meeting to speak at Open Forum.  Open forums are held before every Work Session and every regular Meeting of the Board of Directors.* The signup sheet will be on the podium in front of the audience seating. When a property owner is speaking at Open Forum, he or she is addressing the Board, not fellow audience members.  Each Open Forum speaker is limited to three minutes.  The Board members should listen attentively to each speaker, but they are not required to respond at that time.  Click here for an article with information on common open forum procedures. Note: the code mentioned in the article is California code, but similar procedures are used across the country.  * 2020 update – The open forum process may vary due to COVID guidelines.