A Seller’s Market

As of yesterday afternoon, there were only three Bent Tree homes listed for sale that weren’t “under contract” or “pending”.

Here’s the explanation of a seller’s market from the Rocket Mortgage website:

What Is A Seller’s Market?

A seller’s market arises when demand exceeds supply. In other words, there are many interested buyers, but the real estate inventory is low. Since there are fewer homes available, sellers are at an advantage.

In a seller’s market, homes sell faster, and buyers must compete with each other in order to score a property. These market conditions often make buyers willing to spend more on a home than they would otherwise. Therefore, sellers can raise their asking prices. Furthermore, the increased interest means that buyers rarely have the power to negotiate and are more willing to accept properties as-is.

Due to the shortage of housing, these conditions often lead to bidding wars. During bidding wars, buyers will make competing offers and drive up the price, typically above what the seller initially asked for.

Just a Glimpse

Several Scarlet Tanagers have been flitting around the trees in our yard over the last week or so. They’ve been so quick that the photo below is the best snapshot I could get. Click here for a post from 2013 that has some better tanager photos.

May 9, 2020 - male Scarlet Tanager in Bent Tree

May 9, 2020 – male Scarlet Tanager in Bent Tree