A Slower Pace of Life


While on my beach break, I went on frequent walks through a maze of boardwalks, about eight feet above the ground, in a Coastal Maritime Hammock.  I rarely saw anyone else, but one day I saw a big turtle heading down the middle of the boardwalk.


Bent Tree Benevolent Fund

Bent Tree has some amazing, conscientious, hardworking, smart, loyal, and friendly people on staff.  And, they kick it into overdrive when disaster strikes.  If you haven’t done so already, please donate to the Bent Tree Benevolent Fund.  Donations can be taken directly to the Admin Office, put in the Administration Mailbox at the Mail Center, or mailed to BENT TREE BENEVOLENT FUND, 1671 CRIPPLED OAK TRAIL #20926, JASPER, GA 30143.

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