36 Years Ago, the Property Owners Gained Control

Note – as you read this post, you can click on the links (yellow text) for additional Bent Tree corporate history.  And, since today is Veterans Day, click here for a 2017 post about the visionary behind the Bent Tree dream.

Thirty-six years ago, a settlement agreement was reached between Bent Tree Corporation (not the same as BTCI) and Bent Tree Property Owners Association, Inc.  The amenities/common properties were turned over to the property owners, under a management arrangement on November 1, 1983 and the actual transfer of ownership to the property owners occurred later that month.  Bent Tree Community, Inc. was established by BTPOA to own and operate the facilities on behalf of the Bent Tree property owners.   The following quote is from the November 1983 Echo (the first Echo published by BTCI instead of by Bent Tree Country Club):

from November 1983 Echo

from November 1983 Echo


“So What is Lake and Wildlife (and what should it be)?”

The Lake and Wildlife Partners meeting is scheduled for this morning at 9:30.  Quoting from the emailed meeting announcement:  “There comes a time when Introspection is helpful, for organizations as well as people.  At the monthly Lake and Wildlife meeting Saturday (Nov. 9, 9:30 a.m. at Club Tamarack) we’ll examine what we do, who does it and hear your views on what we should be doing.”