Things are Squirrely Around Here

Squirrel in Bent Tree, bouncing off the window

Squirrel in Bent Tree, bouncing off the window

The main presentation at today’s Lake and Wildlife Partners meeting (9:30 at Club Tamarack Rec Room) will be about “Bent Tree Squirrels”.  There will also be a short presentation on “the Administrative Building Project”.   Lake and Wildlife Partner meetings are open to Bent Tree property owners and residents.  Coffee and doughnuts are available at 9:00, before the meeting.

The photos below are some of the squirrel pictures that have been posted on this website over the years.  The photo above is of a squirrel that was literally bouncing off our windows a few years ago, shortly after it ate a bunch of mistletoe berries from a Christmas decoration.  Watching squirrels in Bent Tree made me think it might be fun to be a squirrelologist.  Then I wondered if that was even a thing.  It is…click here for an article on “a leading squirreologist”.

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Return of Crazy Squirrel?

For much of yesterday, a squirrel kept jumping around the deck and windowsills. Whenever I would walk onto the deck, he would jump onto a nearby tree and just sit and look at me while I took his picture. The last time I went outside, it looked like he was trying to hide behind his own tail (see pictures below). I couldn’t figure out what he was looking for on the deck…there are no bird feeders on our property. Then I remembered a squirrel last Christmas that went crazy over mistletoe that was on the deck. Maybe it’s the same squirrel looking for mistletoe again? Click here for last year’s post about that squirrel. I was somehow able to get a picture of him literally bouncing off the window last year.

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Red Squirrel?

Last month, I saw a “different looking” squirrel on the golf course. Most of the squirrels around here are gray squirrels. This one seemed smaller, and had a distinct reddish tail. The squirrel was hopping around pretty fast, so it was hard to get good pictures (see below). According to the Georgia DNR, the only part of Georgia where red squirrels live is in the “higher elevations of northeast Georgia Blue Ridge Mountain province”.

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